<HTML> <TITLE>Gospel Tape Library</TITLE> <P ALIGN=Center>Welcome To Gospel Tape Library--Taiwanese Chinese Christian audio recordings</A> <P ALIGN=Center>akΏ0RWcwYeyx6^Wf(</P> <P>To hear the tapes, please download and install <A HREF="players/rp32_50.exe">Real Player 5.0</A> or try <A HREF="wmp.html">Windows Media Player Page</A> or <A HREF="java.html">Java Page</A> or <A HREF="mp3.html">MP3 Page</A><HR> <P><A HREF="324/324.html">_l[Sgr+^ Rev. Stephen Kaung</A> <P><A HREF="326/326.html">Edward H Pauley, Ph D Truth Alive Ministries, Plano, TX</A> <P><A HREF="332/332.html">ÞnnwMr. C. Y. Huang</A> <P><A HREF="342/342.html">!{vqgr+^ R] Rev. Caleb Tsai, CA</A> <P><A HREF="346/346.html">U]igr+^ Rev. Stephen Tong</A> <P><A HREF="354/354.html">R oul Streams in the Desert</A> <P><A HREF="356/356.html">!PzfHQu mIgx, R] Mr. Peter Tsai</A> <P><A HREF="364/364.html">UQOKNgr+^ Rev. Samuel Tang</A> <P><A HREF="365/365.html">!Xgr+^ Pastor Mathew Tsai, Chicago</A> <P><A HREF="366/366.html">ÞeĖ+^ Dr. Luke Huang</A> <P><A HREF="367/367.html">XoeTgr+^ ?t] Rev. Anne Ong</A> <P><A HREF="http://www.forerunner.cc/">_ly4tgr+^ Rev. S.C. Grace Chiang</A> <P><A HREF="375/375.html">fgr+^ Rev. Lam-Fong Tsang</A> <P><A HREF="395/395.html">Þ|__gr+^ Rev. Peter Wongso, Australia</A> <P><A HREF="396/396.html">ؚOezfgr+^ SWSVYeg Pastor Stephen Kao, Tainan Holy Church</A> <P><A HREF="397/397.html">;Na-NNIY-N_&-N WWcw_\O[WёgGospel Tape Mission International & Foundation For Chinese Christian Authors,OH</A> <P><A HREF="423/423.html">sfkpgr+^ _][Yeg Pastor Peter Wang, Taichung</A> <P><A HREF="426/426.html">s[Ngr+^ Rev. Joseph Wang</A> <P><A HREF="434/434.html">3T{szZSX Timothy S. Wu, Ph.D. China Evangelical Seminary, Taipei</A> <P><A HREF="445/445.html">oJgr+^ Rev. Tse Feng Chuang, EFC of Irvine, CA</A> <P><A HREF="447/447.html">_+Pgr+^ Rev. Allen Hu</A> <P><A HREF="448/448.html">Ngwgr+^ Rev. Gordon Lee</A> <P><A HREF="453/453.html">- Wlgr+^ R] Rev. David Hock Tey, CA</A> <P><A HREF="454/454.html">s Wogr+^ Rev. Kwok-Hing Wong</A> <P><A HREF="455/455.html">lOgr+^ Rev. Paul Shen</A> <P><A HREF="456/456.html">NgyhQgr+^ Rev. Morley Lee</A> <P><A HREF="457/457.html">[ WIQgr+^ Rev. Mark Ger</A> <P><A HREF="464/464.html">-o|gr+^ WcwYeoSg V}^ Pastor Liang-Chin Cheng, Tainan Good Friend Church</A> <P><A HREF="466/466.html">fR-Ngr+^ Pastor Daniel Tsao, Taipei</A> <P><A HREF="468/468.html">3TpIPgr+^ ёq\, R] Rev, Herbert Wu</A> <P><A HREF="475/475.html">Ngg\+^k Mrs. Sophie Lee</A> <P><A HREF="479/479.html">uZSOnj , mIgx, R] G Media Resources, Los Angeles, CA</A> <P><A HREF="496/496.html">1ePhQgr+^ mIgx, R] Rev. Isaac Hsu</A> <P><A HREF="526/526.html">&qnogr+^ Rev. Stephen Chiu</A> <P><A HREF="546/546.html">3T{szZSX: ^yQHr>yTimothy S. Wu Ph D: China Evangelical Seminary Publishers</A> <P><A HREF="549/549.html"> i`jJW, R] Praise His Grace Musicians, CA</A> <P><A HREF="550/550.html">_+^ Hua Hsu, MD</A> <P><A HREF="563/563.html">hTmgagr+^ Rev. Susan Shou, EFC Orange County, CA</A> <P><A HREF="564/564.html">NR]gr+^ Rev. Moses Yu</A> <P><A HREF="565/565.html">0u >Tgr+^ Rev. Yiang-Wu Tien</A> <P><A HREF="577/577.html">#}_tgr+^ Rev. Joseph Lien</A> <P><A HREF="627/627.html">UO[[tgr+^ Rev. Caroline Ho</A> <P><A HREF="634/634.html">Sy^yx[bEFC Logos Evangelical Seminary</A> <P><A HREF="635/635.html">SyPd-N_ EFC Communication Center</A> <P><A HREF="637/637.html">SyYeg=~g EFC General Assembly, CA</A> <P><A HREF="650/650.html">n6q+^k Mrs. Evelyn Shih</A> <P><A HREF="652/652.html">O^d-N_ Sin-I Lutheran Broadcasting Center, Taiwan Ping-Tong</A> <P><A HREF="655/655.html">[N`gr+^ Rev. S. Y. Kou</A> <P><A HREF="666/666.html">Ji8lvaPS W ӌ] Philip Yang Ph D Philadelphia,PA</A> <P><A HREF="726/726.html">sp-NPS Pastor Benjamin Chen, Ph D</A> <P><A HREF="734/734.html">5_sfgr+^ Rev. Joseph Chang, CA</A> <P><A HREF="735/735.html">R[tgr+^ myYeg Pastor Felix Liu, EFC Los Angeles</A> <P><A HREF="736/736.html">s{ss^gr+^ Rev. Hsien-ping Chen, EFC San Fernando Valley</A> <P><A HREF="743/743.html">gSNgr+^ Rev. Timothy Lin</A> <P><A HREF="744/744.html">~P[Bfgr+^ qgN e,g Pastor Chu Shi Chung, Tokyo, Japan</A> <P><A HREF="745/745.html">5_ofeygr+^ }} Rev. John Chang, New York</A> <P><A HREF="747/747.html">g N}gr+^ Rev. Bellman Lin</A> <P><A HREF="749/749.html">s͑IQHQu mIgx, R] Mr. Peter Chen</A> <P><A HREF="753/753.html">R^tgr+^ Rev. David Liu, Taichung Chung-Tai Seminary</A> <P><A HREF="755/755.html">R^tgr+^ Rev. Donald Liu, EFC Irvine, CA</A> <P><A HREF="756/756.html">Ifgr+^ Pke@lwYeg Pke@l _] Pastor John M Yeh, Austin Taiwanese Presbyterian Church, Austin, Texas</A> <P><A HREF="764/764.html">egr+^ Rev. Wilfred Su, Logos Seminary, CA</A> <P><A HREF="766/766.html">RsN+^k Mrs. Rebecca Liu, CA</A> <P><A HREF="768/768.html">gmgr+^ Rev. Amy Lin</A> <P><A HREF="773/773.html">s ^fgr+^ Rev. Christian Chen</A> <P><A HREF="783/783.html">gR_PS mIgx, R] Minister Stephen H. Lin</A> <P><A HREF="795/795.html">5_eP f+^ RT, O)R]/Scp Timothy Chang, MD</A> <P><A HREF="799/799.html">sOe=kgr+^ R], Rev. Peter Chen, CA</A> <P><A HREF="826/826.html">Rev. Ronald Pope, Hawaii</A> <P><A HREF="854/854.html">3T_Vgr+^ Rev. Samuel Wu </A> <P><A HREF="860/860.html">3TRw Elder Yung WU,</A> <P><A HREF="876/876.html">nяgr+^ Rev. Philip Teng</A> <P><A HREF="947/947.html">ai`SyYeg, R] Evangelical Formosan Church of Irvine, CA</A> <HR> <P><A HREF="tes/tes.html">O;NIu}TI yr%R\L Conversion Testimony, Life Testimony, Special Topic</A> <P><A HREF="videos/videos.html">q_6^ Videos</A> <P><A HREF="notes/notes.html"> Lessons-Notes</A> <P><A HREF="topics/topics.html">R^ Topics</A> <HR> <P><A HREF="intro/intro.html">6^Wf(!|N Introduction About Gospel Tape Library</A> <P><A HREF="intro/speakers.html">TN9} Introduction of Speakers</A> <P><A HREF="mailto:gtlorg@yahoo.com">Our E-Mail is gtlorg@yahoo.com</A> <HR> <P>If you cannot hear the tapes, try the <A HREF="java.html">JAVA Page</A> <P>`OPS<A HREF="players/rp32_50.exe">Real Player 5.0<A/>_<A HREF="http://proforma.real.com/real/player/player.html?src=404,001019rpchoice_c1&dc=102410231022">www.real.com</A> <P>You may need to install<A HREF="players/rp32_50.exe">Real Player 5.0<A/> free from <A HREF="http://proforma.real.com/real/player/player.html?src=404,001019rpchoice_c1&dc=102410231022">www.real.com</A> <P>If you cannot hear the tapes, download and install<A HREF="players/mpfullx86.exe"> Windows Media Player 6.0<A/>, then go to <A HREF="wmp.html">Windows Media Player Page</A> <P>`OPS<A HREF="players/mpstd.exe">Windows Media Player 6.0<A/>_<A HREF="http://www.microsoft.com/windows/windowsmedia/en/download/default.asp">www.microsoft.com</A> <P>You may need to install<A HREF="players/mpfullx86.exe"> Windows Media Player 6.0<A/> free from <A HREF="http://www.microsoft.com/windows/windowsmedia/en/download/default.asp">www.microsoft.com</A> </HTML>