<HTML> <TITLE>Gospel Tape Library</TITLE> <P Align=Center>sfkpgr+^ _][YegPastor Peter Wang, Taichung</P> <P>To hear the tapes below, please download and install <A HREF="http://www.gtl.org/players/rp32_50.exe">Real Player 5.0<A/> If it doesn't work, try <A HREF="423j/423j.html">Java Page</A> or <A HREF="423w/423w.html">WMP Page</A>. <P><A HREF="264-423-120-0130a.ram">(Wa-N|_dk^ _4:15-16 sfkpgr+^ S Building in Love Taiwanese</A> <P><A HREF="264-423-120-0130b.ram">(WwS Nw'Ybq _4:11-14 sfkpgr+^ S To grow and mature in the word Taiwanese</A> <P><A HREF="264-423-120-0131a.ram">wRvNLu uR1:1-5 sfkpgr+^ S At the beginning world Taiwanese</A> <P><A HREF="264-423-120-0131b.ram">b`_Nv,gP uR1:26-27 sfkpgr+^ S To revive man's nature Taiwanese</A> <P><A HREF="264-423-120-0132a.ram">N{N i8:1-9 sfkpgr+^ S What is man? Taiwanese</A> <P><A HREF="264-423-120-0132b.ram">`Ov1O_N[o`U uR2:1-3 sfkpgr+^ S Have you got rest on weekends? Taiwanese</A> <P><A HREF="264-423-120-0133a.ram">nfvw` 24:1-8 sfkpgr+^ S The reflection on ching ming aniversary Taiwanese</A> <P><A HREF="264-423-120-0133b.ram">nfvw` 24:1-8 sfkpgr+^ S The reflection on ching ming aniversary Taiwanese</A> <P><A HREF="264-423-120-0134a.ram">X`OPs^[ }20:19-23 sfkpgr+^ S Wish you all peace Taiwanese</A> <P><A HREF="264-423-120-0134b.ram">XNv,gMO uR2:15-17 sfkpgr+^ S To Know man's nature Taiwanese</A> <P><A HREF="264-423-120-0135a.ram">wRvZZY uR2:18-25 sfkpgr+^ S The marrage at the Beginning Taiwanese</A> <P><A HREF="264-423-120-0135b.ram">_ka`^yi` uR21:8-21 sfkpgr+^ S Thinking about Mother's Love to God's grace Taiwanese</A> <P><A HREF="264-423-120-0136a.ram">_ O8uW0R1YjW uR3:1-7 sfkpgr+^ S From Eden to Lost paradise Taiwanese</A> <P><A HREF="264-423-120-0136b.ram">9hvz^NJP`a uR3:8-9 sfkpgr+^ S The discovery of fear Taiwanese</A> <P><A HREF="264-423-120-0137a.ram">`O(W uR3:7-11 sfkpgr+^ S Where are you? Taiwanese</A> <P><A HREF="264-423-120-0137b.ram">l\H-r0bvY uR3:14-15 sfkpgr+^ S Spiritual Warfare Taiwanese</A> <P><A HREF="264-423-120-0138a.ram">=[Vvu;m!j_ *Y26:26-28 sfkpgr+^ S The living model of true communion Matt. 26:26-28 Taiwanese</A> <P><A HREF="264-423-120-0138b.ram">`OpN|v`bT uR4:1-8 sfkpgr+^ S Why are you angry? Taiwanese</A> <P><A HREF="264-423-120-0139a.ram">`ODQ_(W uR4:8-16 sfkpgr+^ S Where is your brother Taiwanese</A> <P><A HREF="264-423-120-0139b.ram">8l`v8r8r 15:11-24 sfkpgr+^ S Father of forever Taiwanese</A> <P><A HREF="264-423-120-0140a.ram"> N^/fba N_v dk3 N11:26-27 sfkpgr+^ S God can't be mocked Taiwanese</A> <P><A HREF="264-423-120-0140b.ram">BlJT6Tv T uR4:15-26 sfkpgr+^ S Cry for the name of Jehovah Taiwanese</A> <P><A HREF="264-423-120-0141a.ram"> N^ TL(N)uR5:21-24 O11:5-6 sfkpgr+^ S Walk with God Taiwanese</A> <P><A HREF="264-423-120-0141b.ram"> N^ TL(N)O11:5-6 12:1-2 sfkpgr+^ S Walk with God Taiwanese</A> <P><A HREF="264-423-120-0142a.ram">bnj(W8lR`v W^ *Y6:19-21 sfkpgr+^ S Invest in the eternal Taiwanese</A> <P><A HREF="264-423-120-0142b.ram">NIY<\ ^s|11z1-2{ sfkpgr+^ S Service Neh11:1-2 Taiwanese</A> </HTML>